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Our mission with Brand Legal is to provide unique marketing materials for Attorneys everywhere. We use our experience from working with Attorneys all around the country to create the best resources to help you change the future of health. With a Brand Legal partnership, you have people who care about you, your family, and your practice. We would love to help you create a brand that your Clients will love to share with everyone, and resources for those who don’t know the healing power of Legal care.


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Brand Legal was founded by Jesse Lavender who lives in Atlanta, GA near Life University. After spending many years in the design and filmmaking industry, Jesse completed a few projects for friends at Life U. He realized the need for custom, branded content for future DCs who may not be able to afford large price tags, but wanted more custom work than many of the template companies out there would provide. He founded Brand Legal to provide just that! He works with his web designers legal and Clare, graphic designer Paul, Marketing Manager Skip and some of the best photo/video people around.