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Our mission is to brand the future of legal through modern and engaging content. Our focus is to help lawyers reach and connect with their ideal clients through our expert legal marketing system, uniquely designed for each law firm.

Our Mission

Our Vision

At Brand Legal, we believe legal services should be more accessible and personal. Our vision is that we will be a part of the legal system where people receive the legal services they need and deserve. Our focus is on building unique content that creates an authentic human connection between lawyers and their clients. We do this by using the latest technology and best web practices designed specifically for law firms. 

Our Founder

Brand Legal was founded by Richard Palmer, a marketing content director based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with legal experience. We founded Brand Legal to help law firms build strong online presences and marketing necessary to reach and help their ideal clients. Richard lives in South Florida with an office in Fort Lauderdale. He runs Brand Legal with the help of his wife, Terri. Our expert team has designers, web developers, and video producers who create great legal content across the nation.

Our Team

Logan Lenz


Krista Budgen

Head of Content Strategy

Tim Liang

Head of Client Support

Mackenzie Lucas

Account Manager

Hannah Siler

Client Billing

Grace Routh

Web and Logo Design

Roro Fernandez

Web Engineer

Sonya Koerner

Head of Client Generation