We use Content and Branding to build your practice online, and ultimately increase brand awareness with new Clients!

Client Education

We will write and post four Client Education (blog posts) per month to your website on topics related to law practices, tips, and other useful resources. This content is essential in driving your site rankings up and will provide your clients with valuable information they need when making legal decisions.


Your website can rank higher by building online trust and relationships. We generate high-quality links from PR and Legal Blogs to your website, which increase your rankings.

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Technical Updates

We dive into the backend of your website and make dozens of technical updates to ensure that the site is up to par with the very best Google practices and make the updates necessary to drive your site up in rankings.

SEO Tracking

Every monthy you get a report showing just how much progress has been made, how well your website is performing, and what improvments we will work on to continue trending in the right direction.

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Check out a Case Study of how we helped an Atlanta-based Legal office rank higher in Google.

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Search Engine Optimization is a critical component of any online marketing system. If you want to show up in Google when someone searches for topics like legal, then SEO strategy is essential. Our system puts your name out there, ahead of other clinics, when your community is desperately searching for what you provide: hope and healing!

SEO does not need to be complicated, tricky, or difficult. As a matter of fact, if you simply follow Google’s best practices you can outrank your competition in no time. Your website’s ability to climb the rankings and show up in search results are based on how valuable Google thinks your website is to people searching for terms related to legal.

If you want more info on the “why” of SEO, check out our post.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In short, yes! Every potential Attorneys Client out there is searching terms that will lead them to your business. It’s our job at Brand Legal to figure out what those keywords are and get to the front of those results pages. Our team of Legal SEO specialists will put you to the front, opening up a waterfall of organic traffic.

More traditional types of marketing still work, but the question is: is it still worth the time and energy tradeoff? The question comes down to, are you willing to invest in something that will generate long term results? These marketing efforts such as advertising on television, radio, or other kinds of campaigns might feel more effective in the short-term, but they might also end up costing you much more with no real long-term value for your practice. A well-planned SEO campaign generates long-term organic traffic with no major long-term cost, and in effect, allows you to focus on providing the best quality service possible.

Yes, we have a social media management service. We focus on building your online presence through consistent posts, related and branded content, and follower engagement.

There are a few key differences when optimizing nationally  as opposed to optimizing for a local audience with local. We offer both services, but for legislator SEO practices, we recommend focusing on local search to truly get the most out of your target audiences.

Is your legal business based in Atlanta? Then we’ll hyper-focus on Atlanta local SEO. If you’d like to learn more about the difference between Organic SEO and Local SEO click here.

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